Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our mission is to glorify God together by creating an atmosphere in which people can begin and enjoy a personal relationship with Christ, mature in Christ's likeness and worship Christ in life changing ways.


Core Values

Scripture The non-negotiable, foundational Truth which is taught and lived out in every part of our personal, home, work and church life.
Worship/Prayer To exalt Christ as the center of every aspect of our life.
Acceptance Intentionally welcome with warmth and love all who interact with our Grace Church family.
Servanthood We follow the example of Jesus in serving our community and each other.
Discipleship Committed to the process of becoming fully devoted, reproducing disciples of Christ.
Spiritual Gifts Intentionally empowering and equipping every person to minister out of their gifts and passion.
Evangelism To seek opportunities to engage unsaved people and declare the Good News of the Gospel.
Relevance Meeting people where they are, being culturally sensitive, while ensuring we do not compromise biblical standards.

Vision Statement:

Embracing God’s Design for Families, Servant Leadership, Genuine Community, and New Life in Christ

Four "B"s:

Believe, Become, Belong & Begin