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Grace Baptist Church is a member of Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference - BGC).  The BGC network is made up of more than 194,000 people in a voluntary association of more than 950 churches (and church starts) located in 13 geographic regions.  Grace Baptist Church is also a member of the Converge Great Lakes which encompasses the entire state of Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan and is one of the BGC 13 districts.  There is a district office, national office, college, and seminaries.



Converge World Wide

11002 Lake Hart Dr
Orlando, FL 32832

(800) 323-4215 



Converge Great Lakes Conference - District Conference

P.O. Box 440
Columbus, WI 53925
(608) 244.5000



Bethel University - Conference University

3900 Bethel Drive

St. Paul, Minnesota  55112

(800) 255-8706



Bethel Seminary - Conference Seminary

3949 Bethel Drive

St. Paul, Minnesota  55112

(800) 255-8706


Converge Retirement Plan - Retirement


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