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Supported Missionaries

Grace Church has an active Missions Program that promotes and encourages short-term and long-term missionaries. Currently, the church is helping with the support of several mission-oriented families and organizations. These include:

  • Teen Challenge of Minnesota - Minneapolis and Duluth Campuses; Teen Boy’s Center

  • John & Lori DeCleene, Converge Missionary Mobilizers

  • Ken & Debbie Milhous, Boston Japanese Christian Church, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Steve & Nopaluck Cable. Serving at Santisuk English School in Thailand

  • Tim & Jocelyn Doese, Living Hope International, Puebla, Mexico

  • Wycliffe Missionaries in Asia

Grace’s Mission Committee organizes missionary visits to the church, and educates / communicates to the congregation about specific mission field activities, challenges, and prayer requests.

Short-term mission opportunities are encouraged and supported as the Lord leads and provides. The church is delighted to see the Lord impress on individuals the desire and leading to go forth on mission endeavors.

Grace has been blessed to be a part of these missions.

Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge

John and Lori DeCleene

Ken and Debby Milhous

Steve and Nopaluk Cable

Tim and Jocelyn Doese

Tom and Joy Tebow

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